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Quasar has developed a new and innovative approach to handling virtual currency, and as a result, Quasar has created this business plan and strategic business model for the LLC. 


About Quasar


Prior to Quasar's formation, Quasar's owners, individually, developed highly successful personal cryptocurrency investment strategies that combined analytics and research with anticipating market force adjustments to create the optimal return on investment. Quasar is taking this strategy of analytics, research and anticipating the market force and expanding it to become the business model for clients who want to become more involved in the cryptocurrency market, without the regulatory headache that up until recently was associated with anyone who handled cryptocurrency for any other third party. 

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Anish Pradhan


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At the age of 23, co-founder Anish Pradhan, an American entrepreneur, investor, and recent graduate of Syracuse University, has been featured in BuzzFeed, Inc., New York Journal, NY Weekly, and influencive. In 2018, Pradhan was published on a list of the “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2018” by New York Journal. He encompasses extensive e-commerce experience through startup ventures and drop-shipping. As an investor, Pradhan has built himself to be a multimillionaire through vast success in the cryptocurrency and forex markets. Notably, he coined the name ‘Crypto Anish’ after making his first million through trading cryptocurrency in the massive bull-run that occurred in 2017. As a result of his vast success trading the markets, Pradhan also founded theROIPortal in 2019 (which has been a successful company), with the goal of educating others and developing their trading knowledge. Anish has created Quasar International's investment strategy by using short-term and long-term strategies for optimal longevity. 


Julian Smith


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Julian Smith, co-founder, who formerly worked at Oracle and graduated from Penn State University, is adept at handling virtual currency and has developed a personal and successful algorithmic strategy for trading short and long-term stocks. However, Julian's immediate value has been to effectively create a team that has developed the entire Quasar International LLC strategy, from where to incorporate, to where to establish the principal place of business, to developing all of the corporate documents, and ultimately developing Quasar International's global strategy. In short, Julian has been responsible for developing a team that has effectively anticipated market force changes and developed a model on how Quasar International is prepared to address these fast-moving changes.


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