Quasar International's Investment Strategy

Quasar's Investment strategy can be summed up in four words "standards but no expectations."  This means: 

  • Focusing on research, analytics, and anticipating market force adjustments to create the optimal return on investment.

  • Quasar's investment strategy goes counter to the general investment strategies of virtually all investment companies.

  • Quasar's investment strategy focuses on the process and not the results.

  • Most investment companies try to lure people in by promising returns on investment.  Quasar believes that ROI is a result and can lead to disappointment.

  • Quasar's standards are set by past performance.

  • Quasar's no expectations philosophy means the following people should avoid doing business with Quasar:

    • Not able to deal with volatility.

    • Investors who need to be coddled. 

    • Someone who expects Quasar to do everything and not keep them informed.

    • Investors who expect a predetermined ROI.

    • People who believe that Quasar's charges are too high.